Cleaning and Disinfecting Air Ducts

October 4, 2019

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After being a General Contractor for over 30 years, the one thing that became clear to me was how dirty air ducts are. We would be removing cabinets in a kitchen remodel and every time, the vent under the sink would be disgusting. It’s what prompted me to check into the duct cleaning business in Billings, MT. We, my wife and I, researched to see what was out there and discovered an Oregon company called RamAir. I visited with Dave many times to get as much information as I could. I already was aware of the difficulty the brush systems had with getting deep into the system with all the 90 deg. turns and screws. Plus the fact so many systems today are the flexible ductwork that could be damaged very easily with a brush system. So with the RamAir System having the ability to get deep into an air duct with limited time and effort and would never harm flex duct, made it an easy sale for me, and so we started Comet.

One of the first jobs Comet did was for a sportscaster from a TV station here in Billings. The first thing out of his mouth when he answered the door was “I think this is a total waste of time and money, but if you can satisfy my wife please come in” I thought, well this should be interesting LOL. We set up and when we were ready to begin I asked him if he would like to come and see what we are getting out of his heat system. He was sitting at the dining room table working on his laptop and so he called for his wife and were standing next to me and I told Trei, my grandson, who had been working with me years working his way through college, “OK, let’s get started”. Trei turned on the pressure, entered the duct and instantly, the debris filled the clear dome that covers the vent and is sucked into the vacuum. They were shocked to see all the dust and debris come out. You see, with RamAir you can see with your own eyes using the clear doom system. Dave was telling me how this is a real WOW FACTOR and was he ever right. Their home was immaculate and when she saw this, she almost became ill, I had to settle her explaining how this is the dirty little secret lingering in every home, especially the older homes. Oh, and, by the way, he became a believer.

In the course of four years, what we have seen coming out of these heat and cooling systems has been amazing. for example, mice, and feces, dirty diapers, lizards, dead birds, open cans of half-eaten sardines and salmon, petrified sandwiches, jewelry, money just to mention a few. And if that doesn’t spark interest and having yours cleaned, the dust that collects on your window seals, picture frames, TV, tables, and yes your kitchen countertops are made mostly from DEAD HUMAN SKIN CELLS. In other words, your house is filled with former bits of yourself along with everyone else who has lived in your house. This collects in your system and is recycled every time it turns on. In one year, you shed more than 8 pounds of dead skin, and this dead skin is what trillions of dust mites live on. Disgusting to think of all the year’s people have been breathing the air coming from these vents. If people only knew.

A couple of years ago, Dave Hart from RamAir came up with a new invention, the SaniJet Disinfecting System. We here at Comet quickly added this feature to our program. All we have ever had to use in the past to try to sanitize air vent systems were the fogger. The fogger was held at the opening of an air duct, and a mist would spray into the vent. Dave actually did a video using a clear 6″ round pipe, 20 ft long to compare the fogger and SanJet, The fogger would sanitize maybe 2 ft into the vent, that was all. With the SaniJet, we take our pressure hose and re-enter the vent after cleaning. Once we are back, deep into the vent, we switch to our SaniJet sprayer and spray a mist as we come back out of the system completely coating the walls of the vent with our all natural disinfectant “Benefect” certified to be used in hospitals.

Using the SaniJet to disinfect your HVAC system took us some time to do as we would need to enter down each and every vent and return. Comet started out with a charge of $35/ vent to disinfect. After a few weeks, I did a special offer of half price for a limited time. This offer did produce a lot of jobs and with each one, we were getting more and more efficient in the application. But the most amazing thing began to happen. I was receiving calls, getting 5-star reviews on how much this helped those who were suffering from asthma, allergies, sinus and respiratory problems. The very first job we did with the sanitizing suffered from severe allergies and said that after we left, he had his puffers in his hand as he was ready to turn on the air conditioner. After turning it on, he was so pleasantly surprised he called me to tell me how wonderful it was to have his home as a sanctuary. From just the word of mouth from people who were so amazingly helped by our service produced so much work for us that today, we almost give sanitizing heat and cooling systems away.

We here at Comet have always felt we were greatly improving the indoor air quality in your homes, and this gives us a true purpose, but adding the SaniJet disinfecting system has taken it to a new level, to say the least.

After cleaning the ducts in hundreds of homes and many commercial buildings, I truly believe every home needs to have the heating systems or cooling systems cleaned and disinfected to greatly improve the air quality you breathe. Think of what this does to your lungs and your lungs are the FINAL FILTER.